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To pursue our mission, we operate with integrity, reliability, and professionalism.

Since 1949, the Hy-Ko brands have grown to become a leading supplier of a portfolio of products to the dealers and retail outlets of the world’s largest cooperative buying organizations, home center operations, and mass merchants of food, drug, agricultural supplies and party goods. Its sales growth and success are attributable to its agility and responsiveness in the ever-changing retail marketplace.

It is our business mission to be the global solution for prized customers through:

  • Creative, customized merchandising systems that maximize retail space.
  • The use of state-of-the-art technology internally for quality and efficiencies and externally for customer communications and product marketing and sales.
  • Services that add value, including total account service and management, and product assortment and packaging tailored to customer needs.
    In 2020, HY-KO Products Company was acquired by Midwest Fastener, further strengthening both company’s abilities to service and provide solutions for, independent hardware stores and mass retailers across the country.
  • As a leading hardware company, Midwest Fastener is committed to offering high-quality fastener products.  Aiming to be every hardware store’s go-to hardware distributor, we abide by a strict set of core values that help us fulfill our primary mission.

    Midwest Fastener is a fastener manufacturer that offers the industry’s most recognizable products, including nuts, bolts, anchors, deck & drywall screws, and specialty fasteners.  Since 1967, we have worked to uphold our reputation for helping our partners attract more customers, make more sales, and grow their businesses. And, with over 40,000 SKUs, we’ve become the market’s most reliable, time-tested, and proven supplier of high-quality fasteners. If you’ve been searching for a new source for your store’s fastener supply, we encourage you to learn more about our history, our mission, and our partners.  Click here for more information on Midwest Fastener Corp.

Company Workforce

Dedicated employees can – and do – make an impact.

The length of service of Midwest's employees is above average, attesting to their dedication to the company, and the company’s commitment to retaining, advancing and rewarding productive personnel. Employees are encouraged to be constructively creative in arriving at solutions for customers. The company’s past and continued growth provides an exciting and challenging environment for those who seek the opportunity to make a difference with their individual skills.  If interested in employment, click here to submit your information.

The Hy-Ko Brands

Four distinct product categories ensure continued growth.

We manufacture and inventory products in the following categories:

  • Numbers, Letters and Signs
    • Decorative & identification numbers & letters
    • Residential & commercial signs
    • Traffic & Safety products
    • Driveway/Safety markers & reflectors
    • Custom Signs by Hy-Sign™
  • Key Accessories
    • Key caps, coils & tags
    • Keychains & rings
    • Key clips & reels
    • Multi-tool and novelty keychains
    • Key Organization
  • Keys and Key Cutting Machines
    • Key blanks (automotive, house, door, cabinet and padlock)
    • ChipKey® car keys (cloned and programmed sidewinder, transponder, integrated head, FOBIK, proximity)
    • FOBs and shells
    • Key cutting machines (Manual and Automated Edge-cut, Manual and Automated Sidewinder)
    • Key imaging and verification tools
  • Jandorf® brand Electrical Specialty and Lamp Parts
    • Lamp & Lighting parts
    • Sockets
    • Switches
    • Carbon Brushes
    • Fuses
    • Protectors
    • Terminals

The total volume of items produced and stocked by the company exceeds 4,000 items.

Of the total, over 500 items are specifically for the Spanish-speaking markets in North America, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.  We also have French and Arabic language-specific signs available for the Canadian and Middle Eastern markets.

Product Innovation

It’s what sets Hy-Ko Brands apart from all others.

Hy-Ko Brands is committed to the development of new items and the redefinition of existing products. For example, in the Numbers, Letters and Signs product category, we react quickly to changes in the marketplace by designing and manufacturing the right messages at the right times.

In the Key and Key Accessory product categories, the company holds the licensing rights to use the logos for various brands such including the U.S. military, Warner Brothers Media, Nickelodeon and Mossy Oak.

And in 2003, we began producing a designed-from-scratch key cutting machine with unique features not seen before in the marketplace.  We hold over 40 different patents across the US, Mexico and Europe. 

Manufacturing Headquarters

Hy-Ko Brands state-of-the-art facility.

In 2004, Hy-Ko moved into a modern, custom-built facility on 23 acres in Northfield, Ohio, a southeast suburb of Cleveland. Increased manufacturing and warehousing requirements to serve new and existing customers with the company’s expanding product lines dictated the relocation to the new, 50% larger building. The new architecturally-designed structure can be easily expanded to accommodate future growth.