Certified ChipKey ® Vehicle Key Center


Expand your key department with ChipKey vehicle key and vehicle remotes from the premier auto key tech company, Hy-Ko!

C3 includes everything you need for a successful and profitable auto ChipKey vehicle key program

Mega I-Tool®

The Newest Key-Cloning Technology For Your Key Center

Cloning is an excellent method of key duplication – it’s simple, it’s fast and it’s accurate.

 There are about 270 million registered vehicles on the road today and Hy-Ko’s cloning-based C3 program is able duplicate keys for up to 81% of those vehicles.

Most keys are programmed IN-STORE in 15 seconds or less.

C3 covers most makes and models, including many 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and even some 2018 models. As technology evolves, Hy-Ko provides continuous upgrades to the system. The Mega I-Tool® update adds the following vehicles:

  • Most Toyota models through 2014 and some through 2016.
  • Popular VW models through 2015.
  • Popular Audi models from 2001 to 2006.
  • Popular Volvo models through 2015.
  • Various Porsche models through 2006.
  • Select models from other manufacturers including Ferrari, Jeep, Maserati, Cadillac, Isuzu.

ChipKey ® Vehicle Key

I-Keys, P-Keys and A-Keys for the most popular vehicles!

  • Acura
  • Dodge
  • Infiniti
  • Mitsubishi
  • Saturn
  • Buick
  • Ford
  • Jeep
  • Nissan
  • Scion
  • Cadillac
  • GMC
  • Lincoln
  • Oldsmobile
  • Subaru
  • Chevrolet
  • Honda
  • Mazda
  • Plymouth
  • Suzuki
  • Chrysler
  • Hummer
  • Mercury
  • Pontiac
  • Toyota

In-Store Training

Hy-Ko's expert field managers use our ChipKey vehicle key certification program to train your staff on selling and programming ChipKey vehicle keys.


C3 Tech Support

Call the technical support hotline and get the information required to take care of your customers' ChipKey vehicle key needs!

  • Talk live with ChipKey vehicle key experts and get immediate attention
  • Available during your store hours of operation
  • Dedicated C³ support staff

In-Store Signage

Create a ChipKey vehicle key destination in your store!

POP Kit, included with every C3 Center:

  • Interactive ChipKey vehicle key tester
  • 7 Ft. backlit menu board * Dimensional ceiling mobile
  • Two large tent signs
  • Promotional flyers
  • 2 Ft. x 8 Ft. outdoor banner
  • Floor decal
  • Two window clings
  • Bag/Envelope stuffers

C3 Resource Center at Hykokeys.com

Login to access resources exclusive to C3 Centers!

  • Training materials
  • Pre-designed ChipKey vehicle key ads
  • Marketing and promotional ideas
  • ChipKey vehicle key news and more

A-Keys: Advanced ChipKey ® Vehicle Keys

A-Keys are advanced ChipKeys vehicle keys that can be programmed to work with many newer model year vehicles. 

13 A-Keys:

  • (6 are standard cut, 7 are sidewinder cut)
  • A-CHRY300
  • A-CHRY301
  • A-GM300 - Sidewinder cut key
  • A-HON300
  • A-HON301 - Sidewinder cut key
  • A-HYUN300 - Sidewinder cut key
  • A-KIA300 - Sidewinder cut key
  • A-MIT300
  • A-MIT301
  • A-MRCD300 - Sidewinder cut key
  • A-NIS300
  • A-ROV300 >- Sidewinder cut key
  • A-VW300 - Sidewinder cut key

Already have a C3 Center?

Start programming A-Keys right away, no new equipment needed! A-Keys program with your I-Tool. Call today to order.

Need ChipKey vehicle key Programming Equipment?

Learn about Hy-Ko's C3 Center and you'll be able to program A-Keys as well as I-Keys and P-Keys!


Introducing a Vehicle Remote program from Hy-Ko

Vehicle Remotes

Get started with Hy-Ko's easy remote program which includes 12 popular Ford, GM and Chrysler remotes.

  • Easy to program at the vehicle
  • Natural add-on sale to almost any auto key
  • Profitable product line

In-Store Signage

The FOB assortment includes window cling, tent sign, bag stuffers and merchandiser with battery tester.


Assortment includes 5 common remote batteries.


Auto Key Finder

Easily and quickly find the correct vehicle remote and programming instructions using this free tool! 

  • Up to date with the most current vehicles
  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • Check it out now! 

Retailer Testimonials

Read what C3 Retailers say about Hy-Ko's ChipKey vehicle key Program

"I don't often "highly recommend" a line, but this is one I would suggest that you consider."

Gene Pedrotti
Pedrotti Ace Hardware, California

"I'm of the strong opinion that the Hy-Ko program is a "SLAM DUNK"!"

Mel Goldman
MKG Ace Hardware, Indiana

"We used [the competitor's machine], and then decided to go with Hy-Ko's C3 program and our transponder key sales have tripled. Our people find it to be much more user friendly."

Aaron Hagen
M&D Supply, Texas

"We looked at the competition first and then Hy-Ko C3. Cost was an issue but the C3 total package convinced us to move forward. If you are going to sell ChipKey [vehicle keys], do it correctly. C3 has been a great addition to the Key Service area and I highly recommend this profitable program. We achieved our ROI in 8 months."

Mike Olson
Fullerton Ace Hardware, California

"We've had Hy-Ko for several years and we're very happy with the product, and the help and support their staff provides. If you're considering offering ChipKey [vehicle keys], we recommend you partner with the best, Hy-Ko."

Jamie Sloma
Ziegler Ace South Elgin, Illinois

"We've been very pleased with Hyko's C3 ChipKey [Vehicle Key] Program since purchasing it at the Spring Show 2008. In the past year, we've sold over 400 keys (2 stores) @ $69.99, producing over $28,000 retail sales. The initial training, on-going tech support, and field support have been superb. If your having doubts, I'd strongly recommend having your staff document every lost sale on chip keys so you can track how much money you're leaving behind..."

Brian Fisk
Hill's Ace Hardware & Lumber Center, Georgia

"We have been with the C3 Program for more than two years being the first store in Colorado to offer this type of service. The program has been a success for us from day one. The internet upgrades and software advancements have made programming and selling ChipKey [vehicle keys] easy. Hy-Ko and C3 continue to set the standard."

Clark Evans
Orchards Ace Hardware, Colorado

"We installed C3 in all 5 of our locations. The C3 ChipKey [vehicle key] program has exceeded all of our expectations. The stores appreciate the Tech Support and how easy it is to identify and program ChipKey [vehicle keys]. C3 has the best miscut ChipKey replacement program. We will be adding C3 into our new store location later this summer. C3 is an excellent program from top to bottom."

Scott Steele
Buehler's Ace Hardware, Ohio

"We have had no customer complaints and no returned keys. We have cut well over 100 ChipKey [vehicle keys] in the last year and are doing very well with the C3 program from Hy-Ko."

Todd Steward
Steward's Ace Hardware, Connecticut

"Honestly the ChipKey [vehicle key] center is so easy and straight forward... the guides and reference sheets built into the [I-Tool] software takes care of 99.9% of all my needs. I did have to look something up on [www.hykokeys.com], and it was very quick and easy. ...it really is a great set up, and we are quite busy with it."

Jess Alsum
Lynden Ace Hardware, Washington

"On a scale of 1-10 this program is a 9-1/2 to a 10 in our store."

Mel Goldman
MKG Ace Hardware, Indiana

"Thank you David [Hy-Ko Field Manager] - the response to the ChipKey [vehicle key] service has been very good... "

Linda Henry
Walla Walla Ace Hardware, Washington

"Hy-Ko has gone above and beyond in both the training and customer service relating to the C3 system. Within a day of receiving the system, our employees were trained and all signage displayed. Only through such hard work and dedication was our store able to jump into the 21st century of key cutting, with such a minimum amount of consternation."

Chris Rich
Los Gatos Ace Hardware, California

"We were skeptical at first about adding ChipKey [vehicle keys] so we did one store with C3. We discovered that the C3 Program was a great unique addition and right up our alley. I wish we had more of this type of service program, both profitable and not price sensitive."

Doug Gniadek
Dukes Ace Hardware, Illinois

"We pride ourselves in offering our customers a full service Key Department. Hy-Ko C3 was the right choice with the complete package of Technical Support, Training, superb POP materials and an easy to use programming system. Our ChipKey [vehicle key] sales continue to grow along with the gross profit dollars the C3 system produces."

Ali Haize
Ace Hardware City, Texas

"I looked at all of the other systems out there and Hy-Ko offered the best POP to educate my customer. The easy to identify, blister packaged ChipKey [vehicle keys] with UPC numbers was extremely important in managing my inventory and in key selection process for programming. I have created a destination and Lowes, Depot and Wal-Mart refer their ChipKey customers to our store. "

Ed O'Keefe
Randleman Road Ace, North Carolina

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a ChipKey Vehicle Key?

A. ChipKey vehicle keys or anti-theft auto keys contain a computer “transponder” chip in the head of the key programmed to the vehicle’s security system. Duplicate keys for your vehicle require programming this matching code in order to operate the vehicle. Auto manufacturers began phasing these keys into production vehicles starting in 1995. The vehicle’s anti-theft computer and the programmed chipkey help to curb auto theft and reduce insurance premiums.

Q. How do ChipKey Vehicle Keys work?

A. The computer chip in the key holds a code like a password. The computer in the vehicle reads the password in the chipkey, and if the password is correct the vehicle will start. Otherwise, the vehicle will be inoperable. This extra layer of security is a proven deterrent to theft and contributes to lower insurance premiums on vehicles with this technology.

Q. Why does the ChipKey Vehicle Key cost more than a plastic-head auto key?

A. The key is no longer a key. It is a high-tech device that communicates electronically with the vehicle’s engine computer with a unique security code. The majority of newer vehicles use smart keys that contain special-coded computer chips. The new anti-theft automotive computer technology is a very expensive component which was designed to protect against vehicle theft. The ChipKey vehicle key must be programmed to work with a particular vehicle. Programming these keys requires specialized diagnostic equipment operated by a trained technician.

Q. Will a non-ChipKey Vehicle Key operate a vehicle?

A. No. A non-chipkey can be cut to open the door or trunk, but if the vehicle has a chipkey protected security system only a chipkey that is programmed with the matching code will operate the vehicle.

Q. Do I need 2 keys to make a duplicate ChipKey Vehicle Key?

A. No, the I-Tool only needs one working chipkey to be able to make a duplicate.