Key Machine Center


Integrated Onboard ChipKey® Vehicle Key Programming Technologies

  • Covers OBD (Onboard Diagnostic) ChipKey Car Keys, Integrated Head Keys, Flip Keys and PROX Keys
  • Retailer friendly - More associates will have the confidence to sell & service high-end ChipKey® vehicle keys.
  • 7-Day a week remote tech support.
  • 62 Stocked X-Key car keys available. Many more keys available through special order.
  • Patented Technology

AutoX™ Info Sheet
Watch training videos to see how to use the AutoX™ tool

AutoX Tool

KID® System

Key Identification & Duplication System

Computerized Key ID and Duplication Sell High-Profit, ChipKey® Vehicle Keys and FOBs.

  • Integrated system for key ID, merchandising, cut, program and restocking.
  • Internet-based to program ChipKey® vehicle key, vehicle keys, update vehicle data, download store activity reports.
  • Quickly ID Keys and scan to light restock.
  • Sophisticated optical technology to ID keys and reduce miscuts.
  • Preventative maintenance and repairs available by Hy-Ko certified technicians.
  • Patented Technology

KID® Info Sheet
Watch training videos to see how to use the KID™ machine


Sidewinder Konnect™

Unique Integrated key cutting machine for automotive sidewinder keys

The Sidewinder Konnect™ Integrates with KID Machine for easy use.

  • Fully automated duplicating of high-security/sidewinder keys
  • So easy, every store associate will be able to confidently use
  • Updates from cloud
  • Vacuum connection keeps area clean

Sidewinder Konnect™ Info Sheet
Watch training videos to see how to use the Sidewinder Konnect™ machine


ChipKey® Decoder

Access Hy-Ko’s Full Line of ChipKey® Car Keys Without Investing in Sidewinder Key Cutting Equipment or Additional Inventory

The ChipKey Decoder is engineered and manufactured in Ohio.

  • Eliminates the need for having a sidewinder key cutting machine in store!
  • Keys ordered as needed, delivered to your store cut and ready to program!
  • Adds over 60 million vehicles covered* without stocking any inventory!
  • Provides quick and easy access to over 150 ChipKey® car keys! *
  • Scans and identifies house, padlock and automotive keys
    -both edge-cut and sidewinder!
  • Compares original and new key and digitally validates new cuts!
  • Patented Technology

ChipKey Decoder Info Sheet

ChipKey Decoder & products


Mega I-Tool®

The BEST Key-Cloning Technology For Your Key Center

Hy-Ko's ChipKey Cloning is an excellent method of key duplication – it’s simple, it’s fast and it’s accurate.  We are experts in cloning technology and believe that is the best solution for most retail location.

Most keys are programmed IN-STORE in 15 seconds or less!

There are nearly 280 million registered vehicles on the road today and      Hy-Ko's cloning-focused ChipKey® car key program is able to duplicated keys for over 92% of today's most popular vehicles.

Did you know that the average age of a vehicle today is 12.2 years?

Cloning covers most makes and models, including many 2012-2019 models and even some 2020-2021!  As technology evolves, Hy-Ko provides continuous upgrades to the system automatically and for FREE. The most recent Mega I-Tool® update adds the following vehicles:

  • Most Ford models through 2018 and some through 2022
  • Most Toyota models through 2019 and some through 2022
  • Popular VW models through 2015
  • Popular Audi models from 2001 to 2015
  • Popular Volvo models through 2015
  • Various Porsche models through 2006
  • Popular Subaru models through 2018
  • Select models from other manufacturers including Ferrari, Jeep, Maserati, Cadillac, Isuzu

SPECIAL SALE for Existing Customers that need to update to the Mega I-Tool – Order NOW!
ChipKey Core Program Info Sheet – the starting point for those just getting into the program


KZ-M303 Sidewinder Key Machine

For sidewinder, laser and dimple cut keys.

  • Easy to use
  • One-piece casting provides better tolerance and eliminates horizontal movement during cutting, common in two-piece roller guide designs.
  • Electromechanical 360-degree calibration.
  • Unique and safe single-mode system. Simply press the red button to calibrate and the black button to proceed with cutting.
  • Available as an extension of the C3 Certified ChipKey Center
  • Click here for list of vehicles that use sidewinder keys 

Go here for list of the sidewinder key assortments
Watch training videos to see how to use the 303 Sidewiner machine


Promatic-100 Key Machine

Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual Operation... all in one!

The Promatic-100 is engineered and manufactured at Hy-Ko in Ohio. This patented machine is the only key cutting machine with three-in-one operation and a chip vacuuming system.

  • Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual Operation
  • Chip vacuuming system attachment built into machine (vacuum not included)
  • Easy rotating 4-sided jaws accommodate double-sided, narrow, wide & standard key blanks
  • Low maintenance and easy to keep clean
  • 17 Seconds automatic cycle time
  • Includes many safety features
  • Key chain rest
  • 18-Month warranty
  • Patented Technology

Promatic-100 Key Machine Info Sheet
Promatic-100 Key Machine User Manual
Watch training videos to see how to use the Promatic-100™


Promax-106™ Key Machine

Durable, Fast and Easy To Use!

The Pro-Max 106 is engineered and manufactured Italy and is a manual, edge-cutting key machine that is heavy-duty and cuts keys fast.

• Durable and long-lasting heavy-duty cutting wheel
• Easy to use, four-way rotating jaws cuts double-sided, narrow, wide & standard key blanks
• Built-in magnifying lens to read key markings and inspect cuts
• Increased visibility from built-in overhead light decreases mis-cuts
• One-piece locking clamp alignment increases safety and decreases mis-cuts
• Quick and accurate depth calibration with micrometric tracer adjustment
• Wide clamp spacing easily cuts larger head & longer keys
• Cast iron body drastically reduces vibration & noise









KZ-MB106-US Promax-106 Final