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Don't Lose the Sale!

In today’s retail climate, businesses are scrambling to keep up with the ever-changing needs of customers.   Everything has evolved, from how they shop to when they shop to what they are shopping for. Nothing is quite what it was in years past.

Zig Ziglar the famous sales guru once said, “Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation”. How on earth could we have prepared for something like the current pandemic? There is no way you could! Today, you might say, that success is based on being prepared for anything.

Sometimes the best preparation for the unknown starts with having the right knowledge. Not necessarily knowledge of how to solve the problem but the knowledge of where to go to find the solution. This is where a small hardware store can really shine because of their unique ability to work with customers one-on-one and ask the right questions that get you the right solutions.

In the numbers, letters, and signs world, it is hard to maintain inventory on every possible item your customer might want or need. It is important to have conversations with your customer on the sales floor and ask the questions that will give you the best insights. On a day when you don’t have enough sales associates on the floor, a quick, “Did you find everything you were looking for today?” question at the register may also provide valuable feedback. Keep a notebook at the registers so associates can write down what they are hearing from customers. Reading these lists regularly before ordering will let you understand customer trends and future needs.

Then come check out a resource you already have – Hy-Ko Products.   We carry so much more that what is on your shelf or in your warehouse. We have thousands of items available for dropship that are a call or email away.   Don’t assume your customer won’t wait for the product they want – there are many successful online businesses, whose customers are willing not only to wait but to pay extra for shipping. You’d be surprised at what we can help you and your customer with!

The city comes in asking for signs for the municipal pool.

Call Hy-Ko!swimming pool - Copy


A local farmer just installed an electric fence and needs a sign.

Call Hy-Ko!electric fence


The nursing home down the street needs a polite no cell phone sign.

Call Hy-Ko!no cell hpone



Customer needs a specific reserved parking sign.

hyko custom shop

Call Hy-Ko’s

Custom Sign Shop.


This program allows you to order a sign made to your customer’s specifications without high setup costs or crazy minimum order quantities. We can make just one sign!

Don’t miss the opportunity to help your customer get what they need. Remember just making a sale gets you a customer today but helping to solve their problem gets you a customer who will come back.

Kelly Oles

Kelly Oles

Kelly has been part of the Hy-Ko family for over 20 years. Her vast experience as Custom Signs Manager has propelled her into her current position as Category Manager for Numbers Letters and Signs. Kelly is full of energy and welcomes all challenges that come her way!

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