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The Importance of Posting Property Signs

Why should you use posted signs on property?  Posting property is a great way to let someone know they have entered private land and they might not be welcome.  Using posted signs  not only  indicates trespassing but also can specify restricted activities .  Signs are good for both rural and urban settings as a way to protect owners and their property.

Marking property boundaries let's people know the following:POS-320TR

  1. entering private property
  2. hunting is not permitted
  3. trespassing is not permitted
  4. how to contact landowner if necessary
  5. if access is allowed, the permission needed and who to contact

Posting also allows a safety net in court if something happens to a trespasser on private property.  If signs are not posted clearly, a trespasser may have a valid claim that they were unaware of the property boundaries. 

Most states have specific rules for property signs that must be followed. Some rules may include:

  1. Words used: POSTED or NOTICEPosted signs cluster-01
  2. Sign size: 11" x 11" or 144 square inches
  3. Lettering size: minimum of 2"
  4. Sign color: purple, bright orange, yellow
  5. Sign distance: every 100 feet

Some states allow the use of spray paint to mark trees and fences in lieu of a sign. Purple paint is frequently used because it stands out against common natural colors. However, if a trespasser is unaware of this marking method, it would be more effective to use a sign. 

Check local and state laws to confirm what is needed to properly post legally in your area. Once you know what in needed to post, come to Hy-Ko and choose from our extensive selection  of posted and no trespassing signs. Hy-Ko carries signs that meet most state's requirements.

Do you have a customer with a need for a large quantity of posted signs and wants them personalized?  Contact Hy-Sign® Custom Signs  today for a quote!

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Kelly Oles

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