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Mega I-Tool®

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Expand your cloning capability to cover many more vehicles!


Includes five free keys covering newer years and popular Ford, GM, Honda and Toyota models – a nearly $230 value, for free.  With a retail value of nearly $460!  What are you waiting for?!

  • Most Ford models through 2018 and some through 2022
  • Most Toyota models through 2019 and some through 2022
  • Popular VW models through 2015
  • Popular Subaru models through 2018
  • Popular Audi models from 2001 to 2015
  • Popular Volvo models through 2015
  • Various Porsche models through 2006.
  • Select models from other manufacturers including Ferrari, Jeep, Maserati, Cadillac, Isuzu.

Learn how the Mega I-Tool® can expand your ChipKey® cloning capabilities

(Add-on to existing C3 system)



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