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Promote SAFE Garage Sales in 2020

People still want to have their garage sales despite the pandemic so make sure you are offering them tips on how to keep it safe!  Remember that in addition to signs for the street and yard, they may also want to get caution or flagging tape, wooden stakes, balloons, cleaning supplies, markers and price stickers.

Download the printable flyer to display or hand out in your store!  The flyer contains the same information that you will find below in these 4 simple steps. In addition to these steps, you might want to plan to hold your sale over multiple days or weekends as people may feel safer as the summer progresses.

1.  Set up tables 6 feet apart:  Use all of the available space and spread out.  Garage, driveway, front yard etc... Group like items together on these tables, making it easier for your customers to find what they are looking for.  

2.  Provide shoppers with direction:  You can use directional arrow signs, draw chalk arrows on the concrete or use caution/flagging tape to control the  flow.  Use stakes with tape to mark off paths or restrict movement of customers. 

3.  Clean frequently touched areas:  Pay attention to items that are being touched most often and wipe down between customers if possible.  Provide cleaners or hand sanitizer for your customers use if you can.  You may not be concerned about your own safety, but as a courtesy to your customers, you should always wear a mask.

4.  Use hands-free payment apps:  More and more people are using payment apps to pay these days.  This is a great way to limit the handling of cash!  Download and set up a few different popular apps several days before the sale.  Most apps can be linked to your bank account fairly quickly and the money can usually be accessed within a couple days with no fees.

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Kelly Oles

Kelly Oles

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