Angie Eder

Category Manager at Hy-Ko Products
Angie has been working in consumer products and merchandising for over 15 years. Angie holds a BS in Marketing from Kent State University. She has designed, developed and launched hundreds of products across multiple industries as well as branding and championing channel placement. In addition to hardware, Angie has worked in grocery, drug and consumer electronics industries. She has a passion for retail placement and growth.

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Offering Signage to Attract Small Business to Your Business

by Angie Eder


Signage can be used in a number of ways to convey a message.  When we think of signs, the standard "For Sale" or "No Trespassing" signs often come to mind for consumer use.

Commercial and Business Signage step it up a notch using interior and exterior signs that give a professional feel to the space . These products inform or provide directions to customers and can have a direct impact on whether consumers choose to shop at an establishment.

Having these next level items in your product assortments help increase your value to those businesses and show you are in the business of catering to their needs. In this article, we consider top reasons businesses use signage, as well as the latest trends and best practices.

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